Body Contouring

Body Contouring for Men

Surgical body contouring for men usually entails liposuction with or without fat grafting.

Dr. Luis Macias specializes in natural results, and uses the latest liposuction techniques as well as the High Volume Precision (HVP) auto-grafting system with larger volume fat grafting cases. Utilizing advanced skills he is able to achieve the following:

  • Trimming the abdomen and love handles
  • Sculpting of abdominal muscles
  • Enhancing buttocks
  • Addressing facial volume loss

Liposuction with or without fat transfer can help you achieve your desired results with one treatment. Dr. Macias will tailor your treatment plan to your specific desired result!


The recovery period for male body contouring varies per patient and areas that have been treated. With some of the treatments you may experience swelling, soreness, and bruising post surgery.