Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most common and popular procedures for many years. Being one of the most popular procedures, surgeons have had the knowledge and technology to improve breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Macias has developed several techniques throughout the years to help achieve your best and most natural results!

Dr. Macias understands each patients anatomy is different therefore he will tailor your specific breast augmentation for you. The following will be addressed during your consultation with Dr. Macias:

  • Incision Location
  • Implant Profile
  • Implant Size
  • Implant Placement
  • Implant Type
  • Fat Transfer

The reason for breast augmentation can vary per patient some of the common reasons Dr. Macias performs a breast augmentation are the following:

  • Increase Breast Size
  • Breast Asymmetry
  • Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy
  • Breast Revision from previous surgery

In order to achieve your most natural results, Dr. Macias preferred breast augmentation is in the subfascial plane in the right candidate. “Natural anatomy does not have breast tissue under the muscle so why place an implant under the muscle?”


The recovery period for a breast augmentation is anywhere between 3-4 days, however most take a week off of their main activities. The sutures are dissolvable, thus they do not need to be removed. Most women return to full exercise at 4 weeks. At 4-6 weeks you will be fully recovered with your best natural breast augmentation results!