Fat Grafting

High Volume Fat Grafting

Fat grating also known as (fat transfer) is a surgical procedure that has dramatically gained popularity for both men and women recently. Using a cutting edge system Dr. Macias is able to liposuction your own fat and re-inject it into the desired places to alter your figure for a more harmonious look.

Dr. Luis Macias, LA’s leading plastic surgeon specializes in natural results. Using the High Volume Precision (HVP) auto-grafting system he is able to achieve the following with a high rate of volume retention:

  • Breast augmentation- one cup size
  • Buttock augmentation
  • Remove hip dip
  • Improve overall silhouette

The HVP system is a closed system, meaning the fat is not exposed to the air, decreasing the chance of infections. The roller pump injection mechanism increases safety and the fat survival rate ranges from 50-80% strictly dependent on the area treated.

Fat transfer can help you achieve your desired results with one treatment. However, for a more dramatic result in breast augmentation Dr. Macias often recommends two or more treatments.


The recovery period for fat grafting varies per patient and areas that have been treated. You may experience swelling, soreness, and bruising post surgery which begin to subside by 2 weeks, and mostly resolved by 3 months.