360 Mommy Makeover

360 Mommy Makeover in Marina del Rey

Dr. Luis Macias developed the 360 Mommy Makeover as an improvement to the ever popular traditional mommy makeover. Often patients would ask him how they could improve their overall figure and have their silhouette match their new and improved tummy. The answer was simple, instead of disposing of the fat harvested during liposuction, use it to fat graft depressions like the “hip dip” and improve the overall figure. Thus, the 360 Mommy Makeover was born!

In a 360 Mommy Makeover, Dr. Macias will tailor your surgery to your specific needs. The procedure itself may include the following:

  • No-Drain (Drainless) Tummy Tuck
    • Full or Mini
    • Muscle Repair (if necessary)
  • Liposuction (circumferential, 360 degrees)
    • Abdomen
    • Waist
    • Love Handles
    • Lower Back
  • Fat transfer/grafting
    • Hip dip (C-points)
    • Buttocks (BBL)
  • Breast Enhancement
    • Breast Augmentation
    • Breast Lift
    • Breast Lift with Implants
    • Breast Reduction


The recovery period on the 360 Mommy Makeover varies depending on your specific procedure combination. You should allow for 2 weeks off of your main activities (work, etc.). If muscle repair is performed, 8 weeks of no exercise are necessary.

Dr. Luis Macias travels globally and trains other surgeons how to perform his new and improved mommy makeover, the 360 Mommy Makeover.